Animated Water Droplets

Cool Water Droplet effect that animates on roll-over hover. Link also to the shape generator to change both droplet and highlight. Made with Flex Container.

Website Portfolio Scroller

Portfolio panel scroller with colour option on scroll bars. Adjustable Colum height and gradient animated Top Banner with image overlay

Card Slide-Down Animation On Hover

Card Animation On Hover with widget content and images. Slideshow banner and animated text header, also included in this layout effect. Style to your own requirements.

Animated Border

Really cool eye catching animated border for cards, where you can adjust the colors, border size and speed.

Awesome Glass Effect

Awesome Glass panel with Mouse Parallax effect and blurred background and 3D shadow boarder

Blur Zoom Hover Effect

A Blur Zoom Hover Effect for block panels and images. This effect can be added to any column layout or panel where hover content zooms in with BG Colour change, while non selected content zooms out and blurs into the background

Glass Hover Panel

Image hover effect for social media buttons. Pop-up Frosted Glass Effect with options for pop-up speed, background colour and blur intensity.

Rollover Zoom Panel

Hover roll-over effect on image that zooms and displays social media icons or other content. Also Zoom and Switch Image option on the right.