Basic HTML Header Tags

Some very basic HTML Text Tags just for reference to copy and paste into Text headers and body copy

Graduated Text

Simple graduated text effect with 4 colours and a choice of graduation angle from 0 -360 degrees for use on headers and body text.

Icon Selection Grid

Click on selected Icon to show content panels for each section. Animation can also be added to each section on loading.

Rollover Zoom Panel

Hover roll-over effect on image that zooms and displays social media icons or other content. Also Zoom and Switch Image option on the right.

Button Glow Rollover

Button hover glow effect. Fully customizable size, boarder, shape, colours, boarder radius and animation speed.

Inner Section Padding Layout

Using Inner Sections to create page layouts which use the Full Viewport width. Padding and Margins can then be inserted into the section where needed.

Water Text Effect

Add a Water effect to any Text Headline or Body Copy. Sample includes outline effect and text shadow if required.