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Rob Edge

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Biography / Curriculum Vitae

Captain Rob Edge  

February 1958
The Invention of the Microchip by Texas Instruments and Fairchild Semiconductors.

August 1958
The birth of Robert Mark Edge.

November 1963
Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

August 1966 (aged 8)
Obtained my first Camera and learnt to process B&W film in my bedroom cupboard.

August 1967 (aged 9)
Obtained my first Sailing Dinghy and learnt to sail by trial and error.

Sept 1969
Attended Hamble School UK to obtain 4 ‘A levels, 6 ‘O levels and 8 ‘CSE’s focusing on Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts.

July 1969
NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Sept 1969
My Personal Training begins for the July 1976 Montreal Olympic games as a Gymnast, only  to miss qualifying for the UK team by .25 of a point after dislocating my elbow.

June 1972 (aged 14)
First paid photo published in the local newspaper as a freelance press photographer. (Southampton Evening Echo)

June 1974
Winner of the UK Junior 9 Dance Ballroom and & Latin (Southern) UK National Championships.

April 1975 (aged 17)
Qualified as an RYA Dinghy Sailing Instructor (Level 5 – Trapeze and Spinnaker) also teaching Blind and Disabled students.

Sept 1975
Attended Southampton College of Art (UK) and studied Graphic Design, Photography, Film Making, Lithography and Printing, Typography, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Exhibition Design and also Packaging, winning a Silver award in the National UK ‘PACKEX’ Packaging Design Competition, for a ‘Wine Making Kit’ solution including Design,  Graphics, Branding, Production and Printing.

During my college years I worked evenings in the famous ‘BUGLE INN’ Public House (built in 1636) as a Barman to become Bar Manager, and trained in Cellar Services, Catering, Kitchen duties, and site maintenance. During this period, I designed and produced the ‘Whitbread Cellar Services Manual and Guide’ used in all UK pubs run by the brewery”.

Dec 1975
Appointed ‘Commodore of Dinghy Sailing’ at Netley Cliff Sailing Club and joined Weston Sailing Club to learn Racing rules and techniques, Rescue Training, and became a race committee member in 1990.

April 1976:
Email was official launched.

June 1979
I graduated from Southampton College of Art and Design (UK) as
Robert Mark Edge – MSAID CAM ABIPP MPA (with MFEP to be added later)
 Degree, (Master of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers), and other professional qualifications and recognition including CAM (Creative Advertising and Marketing) ABIPP (Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photographers) MPA (Master of the Photographers Association)

June 1979
Fairfax Automatics
and Electronics – Installing, Building, Servicing, Repairing and maintaining Video Gaming Machines, and other Pub and Arcade Entertainment devices.

Sept 1979
Southern Television News Network – A two month work experience opportunity as TV Caption Cameraman, Editing, Live Programming. Sound Technician, Set Design and Lighting.

Oct 1979
I joined the Windsurfing boom in the muddy waters of the UK, Shaping and Building my first Custom Board, and rubbing shoulders with legens such as Robbie Nash, Angus Chater and Fraser Black.

Nov 1979
Romsey Design Associates
as Studio Manager, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Photographer / Videographer and Account Executive for P&O Ferries and Cruise lines, designing all Brochure material, Exhibitions, Store Interior design and high street window displays.

Sept 1980
Lawton Ryder Advertising – Senior Graphic Designer, Studio/Location Photography, Press Ad Artwork, Campaign Layout Artist, Paste-Up Artwork preparation, Overseeing Print Production for Nissan Cars, Clarke Homes, Grays Sporting Equipment and Account Executive, for ‘NAC’ Norwegian American Cruises.

April 1982
The Falklands War conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Dec 1982
Contract Commission with Norwegian American Cruises (Oslo Norway) as Head of Photography onboard M/S Sagafjord and M/S Vistafjord, luxury Cruise Ships, as well as Brochure Designer for UK German and American markets.
Visiting 68 Different countries World Wide, shooting All onboard facilities, Land based Tour photography, Aerial coverage of Cruise Destinations, and building a library of over 36,000 stock transparency images for the company’s exclusive use. Cruises included Round the World, Alaska, Caribbean. Mediterranean, and Baltic Sea.

March 1983
The video game Mario Bros. was released by Nintendo in Japan.

May 1983
The formation of Footedge Media UK (still in operation today) with fellow Business Partner
Tony Foote ABIPP MPA.
Travel, Tourism, Studio, Location, Industrial, Fashion, Aerial, PR, Press and Creative Product photography. Working for the French, Swiss, Norwegian, Spanish, Gambian and UK Tourist Offices. Commissioned for both Summer and Winter Ski coverage together with Sporting Events including Powerboat Racing & Watersports

Aug 1984
I received a professional award from the MFEP (Masters of the Federation of European Photographers) as a top freelance photojournalist and travel photographer in Europe, working for Tourism, Travel, Airlines, Rental Companies, Tour Operators and Hotels.

April 1985
I formed ‘Freelance International Ltd’ an Advertising Agency and Media House for Freelance Artists, Designers and Photographers, with our own In-House Photographic studio, Video Production Unit, Graphics Studio, Audio Visual Production, Animation Studio, Model Agency, Travel Ticket Office, and our first Computer Generated Word Processing facility.
Our Very impressive client base included names such as Air Europe, Dunhill Tobacco, Mont Blanc, Casio, Swatch Watches, Multicore, Pains Wessex-Schermuly, The UK Military, Lederle Laboratories, Virginia Hayward Foods, DEC, Swift Electronics, Gray-Nicolls Sports, and the Top 10 Tour Operators in the UK and European Markets.

Dec 1986
Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason at Canute Lodge № 4876 Southampton UK, and Initiated into the Supreme Grand and Royal Arch Chapter № 130 UK.

Aug 1988 (Aged 30)
Rob Edge takes a break from the Media Sector to peruse personal Sailing Dreams, as crew onboard  some of the world’s top performance Racing Yachts as a ‘Bowman, Sail Trimmer and Navigator’.

June 1989
Standby and Practice Crew, for Whitbread Round the Word Yachts – Merit Cup, Fortuna, Rothmans, and Steinlager, in preparation for the big race.

Sept 1989
The Whitbread Round the Word Yacht Race starts in Southampton UK.

Oct 1989
Kemp Masts. Mast Installation, Rigging, and Tuning High Performance Race Boats.

March 1991
The Birth of Highly Expensive Digital SLR cameras systems like Hasselblad and Sony to eventually replace ALL traditional Analog Photography and dark rooms.

Jan 1991
Mountifield Sails. Sailmaker, Sail Designer and Sewing Machinist, for Windsurfing and Dinghy Sailing sails. 

March 1991
Roger Pimm Yacht Management as Yacht and Motorboat delivery 1st Mate and crew. Management and Maintenance of 6 Superyachts in the Hamble River Marinas UK.
Freelance Yacht and Powerboat Racing Crewmember, sailing over 100,000 Nautical Miles to the world’s most prestigious regattas, including 4 Trans-Atlantic and 1 Pacific Crossings.

Dec 1991
Tony Foote leaves the UK to live in America and Footedge media goes international and US Based, then Malta in Europe, before returning to the UK.

April 1992
I get my First UK consumer cellphone from Cellnet.

June 1992
UKOPBA European Powerboat Racing Circuit as Navigator onboard Class 1 Race-boat ‘RICARD’.

Nov 1992
I qualify as a UK Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster
The RYA Yachtmaster® Certificate is the ultimate well known, highly respected qualification worldwide, proving your experience and competence as a skipper.

Dec 1992
First 2 Trans-Atlantic Sailings as Captain. UK to Barbados and Tobago,  via the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, Cruising all Caribbean Islands and Returning from Antigua to the UK via the Azores. 

Sept 1992
Wrote my First Book – ‘The El’ Capitino Log’
A 200 page Humorous account of day to day Sailing Adventures and trauma’s of living on a Yacht for 2 years, and travelling over 15,000 nautical miles.
Finally Published as a .PDF in 1998. 

Dec 1993
I am Awarded the UK RYA – Royal Yachting Association Commercial Ocean Yachtmaster & Celestial Navigation Certification, having sailed an additional 10,000 Nautical Miles and a further 2 Trans-Atlantic passages without the use of Electronic navigation, and by using only the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars and paper charts and sight reduction tables and Almanacs.

Jan 1994
Netscape Communications is born.
Microsoft creates a Web browser for use in the coming Windows 95 operating system.

Feb 1994
Nautor Swan Yachts (Finland) Delivery Captain of New Swan Super Yachts from Finland Scandinavia to Europe, The Mediterranean, and Caribbean. Including Charters and Racing in all major Caribbean regattas.

May 1996
Full Time Captain and Chef onboard ‘Salt Water Gypsy’ 50ft Cruising Yacht, sailing from the UK to Trinidad and Tobago via the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, Including 2 seasons of charter in the Caribbean Islands

Feb 1998
First of 4 consecutive Panorama Finals as Tenor Player for ‘Scorpion Pan Reflections’ (Round the neck) playing Lord Kitcheners ‘Cover Me’, I also played with Invaders. Phase II and Starlift off season.

March 1998
I Formed Dynamite Marine Limited Trinidad. A Yacht Management Company as Director, General Manager and shareholder. Caretaking, Maintaining and Project Management of High End sailing boats, stored in Trinidad during the Hurricane Seasons. I also Imported the first Shrink Wrapping service (Service-Wrap) to boats to Trinidad.  During this time YSATT (Yachting Services of Trinidad and Tobago) was formed to ensure quality of services and contractors to global visiting yachtsmen to the Islands.

Sept 1998
I Formed ‘DATAMAN’ An Internet development business, Building my first Web Sites www.trinidadmarine.com and www.trinidadinternet.com
Self-Taught HTML and Cold Fusion Database Language Programming, from Internet forums in the UK, USA and Canada, and to train young locals in Internet multi-media applications and software.

April 1998
My Trinidadian Daughter Juliet Helena Edge was born in Port of Spain Trinidad. 

Feb 1999
Head Supervisor at Crews Inn Marina and Boatyard Trinidad – Overseeing and Training all staff in Customer Care, Boat Haul-out, Travel Lift Operation, Boat Movement and Berthing, Health and Safety, Mast Removals. Rigging, Painting, Varnishing, Metalwork, Carpentry, Glass Fiber Laminating, Teak Deck Restoration and Replacement, Electronic Installations, Water-Maker Installation & Servicing, Engine Mechanics and Servicing, Anti-fowling, Stainless Welding, Sail Repair, Hydraulics, Upholstery, and Management of Stores, Equipment, and Staff Recruitment.

Dec 1999
Online Caribbean Inc: UK/USA – Moved in to Buyout and control trinidadinternet.com and trinidadmarine.com. I was retained as Web Development programmer, Sales and Product Marketing, and General Manager.

June 2000
The Dot Com (.com) Crash seeing the loss of DATAMAN and my personal web domains.

Sept 2000
Awarded Permanent Residence in Trinidad & Tobago.

Dec 2000
Sunny Group of Companies
(Online Casinos) Graphics and Brand Manager, Flash Animation Programmer, and Webmaster servicing 7 of the worlds top ten Online Casinos.

Sept 2001
9/11 Terrorist attack on New York City. Bush puts the Patriot act: in place to include the ban of credit card use for online gaming and gambling.

Feb 2002
I formed Concepts Caribbean. – A self-employed business to develop my skills in Macromedia Flash Animation, Web development, and Graphic studio. Servicing Clients in the UK, USA and Europe. Invested in my first Digital Video and Photographic Equipment and returned to Multi Media concept development.

April 2004
Gmail was an invite-only affair, and I was invited by corehackers.com to participate in trials of the beta version. I have retained robedge@gmail.com to this day.

March 2009
Executive Bodyguard Services Ltd
(EBSL) as Concept Director and Board Member.
Responsible for All Marketing, Brand Management and Corporate Identity. Account Executive for BP, Shell, British Gas and other international clients. Producing Television commercials and campaigns, as well as Training Videos for Firearms, Customer service and Combat Training.

April 2009
I was Appointed as Precepted Estate Police Officer of Trinidad &Tobago and issued with a Trinidadian FUL Firearm License by the Commissioner of Police.

Oct 2013
OneManOutfit Limited – Sport Photography Web development, Social Media and Video Production. I introduced ‘OneShot’ film and photo academy and successfully trained 8 new Photographers / Videographers and Editors.
Accreditations by QPCC, CPL and West Indies Cricket, FIFA, TTFA and CARICOM Football, CMRC Motor Racing, Covering All major sporting events in Trinidad and Tobago. We were awarded a 3 year Sponsorship package by NLCB to cover all local sporting events for free, which was terminated after 6 months due to change of government and political cutbacks in September 2015. 

June 2019
Purchase of Sailing Yacht ‘KULTA’ A Swan 43.1 for Cruising the Caribbean Islands, covering events and sporting activities with a Crew of Freelance Media Specialists to be known as Cool Guys Media.
In addition, offering Sailing and Navigation Courses and recreational charters, with a plan to circumnavigate the world.

March 2020
Pandemic Lockdowns, Travel Restrictions Worldwide, and Beach Closures, postpones all plans for 3 years.

Dec 2020
Due to restrictions in waterborne activities, my only option was to Store the boat on shore in Chaguaramas Trinidad, so I decided to Move to Tobago and set up temporary Land based Residence in Mt Irvine. 

Dec 2020
Formed TobagoOrganic.com.
A Concept to find solutions to both local and global issues such as the environment, climate change, as well as the development of agriculture in general on Tobago itself.  
My biggest personal pet hate and clearest visible  threat to the environment and the sea is ‘PLASTIC’… So I developed a concept of collection, and recycling it back into tools and irrigation systems, to assist Organic Farming,  Hydroponic, Aquaponics and Fishery Development as well as an online marketplace for product distribution.

My vast experience from sailing with Solar, Wind Generators and watermarking systems, has now been applied to agriculture, together with engineering new farming products and developments. 
The entire concept can be located here 

Jan 2021
Switched to Digicel Data and Cellphones
868.276.COOL (2665) – 868.355.GUYS (4897)

January 2021
Cool Guys Media Tobago – Director.
Building & the Launch of islandlikes.com  tobagoorganic.com & coolguysmedia.com.
Video / Film Production & Editing, CAA Licensed & Approved Drone Services. 360° Video & Panoramic Images. Professional Photography. Website Development & Data Applications. Graphic Design & Advertising. Regional Event Coverage. Social Media Tools & Assistance Digital Photography, Drone Surveys, Search Engine Optimization, Video Production, Film and TV, & Graphic Design.

June 2022
After 18 months of research & development, of tobagoorganics, my co-worker & the land owner of our research plot, suddenly passed due to the pandemic.
I am still currently looking to relocate, to hopefully continue with this project.

Sporting Achievements and Interests

School Medals and Records for, Gymnastics, High Jump, Pole Vault, Javelin, Hockey, & Cricket. Competitive Training in Gymnastics, Trampolining, Springboard & Platform High Diving, Swimming, Tennis, Squash & Badminton, Sailing, Yacht Racing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Skateboarding, Waterskiing, Powerboat Racing, Golf (6 Handicap), Ariel & Extreme Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Cycling, Trail Motorcycling and Karting.

Mount irvine tobago west indies | robedge@gmail.com | ph - 868.276.COOL (2665) - 969.355.GUYS (4897)